Timber Work, Rochdale, Oldham & Neighbouring Boroughs!

By Never Bin Greener

Professionally installed sleepers in gardens and outdoor spaces across Rochdale & Oldham

We provide professional timber work and sleeper work across the Rochdale and Oldham boroughs, including:

  • Littleborough
  • Shaw
  • Heywood
  • Middleton
  • Chadderton
  • Bacup
  • Whitworth
  • Shawforth

Railway sleepers are wooden beams that are used to support railway tracks. They are typically made of hardwood, such as oak or pine, and are treated with creosote to prevent rotting.

Railway sleepers can be used for a variety of landscaping projects, including:

  • Raised beds: Railway sleepers can be used to create raised beds for plants. This can help to improve drainage and reduce the amount of weeding required.
  • Patios: Railway sleepers can be used to create patios or walkways. They are durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic.
  • Retaining walls: Railway sleepers can be used to create retaining walls. They are strong and can hold back large amounts of soil.
  • Edging: Railway sleepers can be used to create edging for flower beds or gardens. They can help to define the space and prevent weeds from encroaching.
  • Furniture: Railway sleepers can be used to create furniture, such as benches, tables, and chairs. They can add a rustic or industrial touch to a garden.

All our sleeper work is completed to a high standard that will allow maximum life expectancy for the work completed. We always fix our sleepers with 4×4 posts that are dug and concreted in, at least 600mm into the ground. This allows for a secure fixing from sleeper to post with timber fixing screws. We also make sure the posts are wrapped in damp proof coursing before concreted into the ground, to further protect the timber. All timber is also pre-treated

We also complete all other timber work; we have qualified joiners at our disposal to complete any timber work needed. This ranges from seat, outhouses, sheds, bars & more.

Please see below for some pictures of our bespoke timber work!


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